Food in the UK

I love visiting London because it provides foodies a great chance to sample some of England’s local fare on the cheap. This is hardly surprising because there are many great takeaway eateries that offer patrons fantastic foods at a reasonable price.

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To see what I mean, please have a try at visiting my favourite London takeaway spots that offer great takeaway food at very reasonable prices. For additional information about these restaurants, be sure to visit their websites for more details.

–Motijheel offers fantastic Indian fare at very reasonable prices.

Motijheel is a family-friendly Indian restaurant that is located on 52a Marchmont Street. It is well-known for its ability to serve up fantastic Biryani dishes, tandoori dishes and delicious appetizers quickly. For this reason, it’s easy to see why this take away shop is a favourite amongst Londoners who enjoy a quick taste of India.

–Dome’s Kitchen offers pizza lovers many delicious choices.

Dome’s Kitchen is conveniently located about six blocks east of London City University at 52 Scrutton Street near London City University. It offers patrons a great selection of beverages, subs, sides, pizzas and pizza rolls. You will enjoy taking food away from Dome’s Kitchen because the restaurant’s strict quality standards ensure patrons receive great tasting food each time they visit.

–Pier1 Fish & Chips offers West Enders the best fish and chips in London.

Foodies searching for the best fish in chips in London should consider visiting Pier1 Fish & Chips located at 71 Haymarket. This is the case because Pier1 Fish & Chips uses the freshest fish and potatoes available to create fish and chips that are worth the trip to the West End to enjoy. Moreover, diners will also enjoy eating at Pier1 Fish & Chips because it also offers burgers, fish cakes and a terrific steak and Merlot pie that are fantastic for a lunch or dinner treat.

–Finally, Eastern Star Restaurant offers Chinese food that is worth trying.

Eastern Star Restaurant is located at 14 Hogarth Place in South West London. It offers patrons delicious examples of Mandarin Chinese food and appetizers that are cooked only when you order them. It also offers patrons deserts such as banana fritters that are a great compliment to any of their entrees. Many Londoners enjoy visiting Eastern Star because they generally receive their food quickly after ordering. Therefore, be sure to give the Eastern Star Restaurant a try to enjoy your favourite Chinese foods while in London.